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Social work is one of the most effective tools for patient rehabilitation and integration into the community.

Our fellow professionals provide this type of psychosocial therapy works by providing different types of interventions that focus on interpersonal dynamics and interactions between people. It include individual therapy, family therapy, and psychosocial therapy.
It has proven to be very useful in helping individuals restore and maintain their social performance and their relationships with their families.

A Naufar, our social work team works across the centre, both inpatient and outpatient and their families, providing direct support to patients individual needs to overcome, reduce or prevent the problems that hinder them from performing their psychosocial functions effectively with respect to Arabic culture and Islamic identity.

Social work team also works with patient’s family to help facilitate patient’s re-integration into the family environment, and equip them with necessary tools coping with their new life after recovery and develop their enthusiasm to achieve their goals.