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Family of patients at Naufar are responsible for:

  • Families may be asked, in special cases, to provide accurate information about the patient’s condition, medical history, or other matters related to health.
  • Provide a safe environment at home to facilitate the patient’s recovery
  • Ensure that the financial obligations are fulfilled if they are responsible for the treatment
  • Respect other patient’s rights
  • Ask questions regarding treatment if the information provided is not understood
  • Treat Naufar’s staff with courtesy and respect
  • Respect and follow Naufar’s rules and regulations and any restrictions therein.


Residents at Naufar are allowed visitors according to Naufar’s visitation policy. Visitors need to be authorized by the Naufar team. Visitors will be asked to check-in at the reception on arrival and must follow the guidelines outlined by Naufar.
We ask visitors not to bring any food or drinks in respect of Naufar’s policies. Moreover, to ensure confidentiality and privacy, we ask visitors not to take any photographs as outlined in Naufar’s guidelines.

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