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Recovery and Engagement program is an intensive rehabilitation and treatment based on the bio-psycho-social spiritual substance use disorder treatment model, which includes society culture and religion as integral parts of the patient’s treatment through an extensive range of qualified staff with experience in helping people with substance use disorder and based on evident base practices
Our program focus on providing the patients with safe environment that help them recover and maintain their recovery from substance use disorder during and after returning to the community, learn to deal with the challenges of everyday life, and support her to remain active in all aspects of life.


Halfway Houses provides a safe living environment for patients for the patients enrolled into the Recovery & Engagement program. This service is very useful people who face challenges in achieving treatment goals to maintain abstinence or reintegration with the community as they live in high-risk and unstable environments that can lead to relapse. Patients can avail the halfway house until they are able to find a safe space to return to.

With the halfway house, patients have the option to continue going to work, school, or other activities in the morning, while making use of our after-care facilities in the evening.

These are available once treatment has been completed as a steppingstone towards returning to normal life; the specialized treatment team helps patients acquire social and vital recovery skills through group therapy, lectures and other psychosocial services that would help them to slowly transition back into their regular life.

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