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About the Role

The Psychiatry – Specialist works in a team setting and is accountable to the Consultant Psychiatry, Section Head and/or Department Chair. He acts under the guidance of the Psychiatrist Consultant in the provision of clinical service and supports the Consultant Psychiatry in their duties.

The Psychiatry – Specialist participates in the management of patients to the extent of his/her delineation of privileges.

Research is a key and integral component to the Naufar’s Strategic aim to become an Academic Health System.

The post holder must be able to contribute and support on delivering an integrated strategic vision and planning for Clinical, Research, Education and training which improves the quality of patient care

The post holder will lead in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of persons with substance use disorders or co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree of Medicine (MBChB, MBBS, MD degree or equivalent) with completion of the appropriate internship-training program.


  • Valid Primary license from the country of origin. Must satisfy revalidation criteria.
  • Eligible for Psychiatry license from the Licensing authority in the State of Qatar to practice Healthcare Profession.
  • Up-to date CPD in relevant areas.


  • Specialists with List A Education at least 1-year of experience in psychiatry and /or substances abuse post specialty certification.
  • Specialists with List B Education, at least 3-years Specialist experience post certification is required.
  • Specialists experience from other countries will be considered after an equivalence review.


  • A satisfactory number of years of Psychiatry experience post certification as required by licensing authority of Qatar/DHP in order to be eligible to obtain Psychiatry License.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the effects, common presentations and potential for harm of alcohol and other drugs
  • Addictive potential of alcohol and other drugs, including prescribed and over-the counter medicines.
  • Range of interventions, treatments and prognoses for use of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Effects of alcohol and other drugs on the unborn child, children and families.


  • Demonstrate ability to make a detailed assessment of and detect presence of substance misuse related physical and psychological complications
  • Recognize the wide range of acute and long-term presentations involving use of alcohol and other drugs (e.g. trauma, depression, hypertension)
  • Initiate appropriate pharmacotherapy for alcohol/drug dependence when indicated
  • Ability to safely induct and manage opiate dependent patients on to substitute treatment
  • Provide both outpatient and inpatient medical management of withdrawal syndromes
  • Provide counselling for an individual using motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Able to assess, investigate and manage common medical disorders and refer to appropriate healthcare facilities when indicated
  • Good written English skill to documenting patient notes in EMR and writing reports
  • Excellent spoken English to contribute and/or lead meetings


  • Work in a supportive, empathic and non-judgmental manner without collusion
  • Be confident and comfortable discussing alcohol and drug use with patients
  • Act appropriately on any concerns about own or colleagues’ use of alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Ability to establish and maintain working relationships and understand the needs of families and carers
  • Ability to work closely with colleagues in the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) and external statutory/non-statutory agencies

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